mi-arcfs - Archive filesystem for Linux module

Hi, linux users! Mi-arcfs is an archive filesystem for linux module written by Masanao Izumo. This module enables to mount an archive file such as `tar' file. The current version is mi-arcfs-2.2.1.tar.gz. This module is only for Linux version 2.4.x. I don't support 2.1.x or earlier version.

Be careful to use this module. It is possible that the kernel oops during mounting archive file because of the module bug. In mouting, The mi-arcfs parses the specified archive file, and makes small internal name entry of each files to construct filesystem. Note that the archive file which has a lot of files wastes kernel memory.

Module informations

In the currently, There are `tar', `zip', `lzh', and `tgz' arcfs modules.
Common module. This module must be loaded at first.
TAR archive filesystem
ZIP archive filesystem
LZH archive filesystem
gzip'ed tar archive filesystem


# insmod arcfs.o
# insmod arctarfs.o
# insmod arczipfs.o
# insmod arclzhfs.o
# insmod arctgzfs.o
# mount -t arcfs -oro,arc=<absolete-archive-file-name> <mount-name> <mount-dir>
# ...

Example of mount command

# mount -t arcfs -oro,arc=/usr/src/linux/mi-arcfs-2.2.1.tar.gz mi-arcfs /mnt
# umount mi-arcfs

For 2.2.x kernel, please get mi-arcfs-1.1.1.tar.gz (out of maintanance).